Young Adult Ministry

@ Lone Oak Barn

Every Other Thursday


Please see Calendar

1810 N Co Rd 122

Round Rock, TX 78665 

Free meal!!!


To create a Young Adult Community that doesn't stop until every person (HS Grad thru 30 yrs old) has heard the name of Jesus.


Through partnering with churches, we want to REACH both the lost and those who need a Young Adult Community; TEACH them who Jesus is and what it looks like to walk with Him; and then SEND them back to their churches to serve with a charge to be salt and light in the world .


Reach the Lost

Reach Christian Young Adults


Teach who Jesus is

Teach how to Walk with Him


Send into the World

Send Back to their Local Church


~ Sam O. 

This ministry to me means family. 

When I was in the lowest place of my life, this is where I came to help heal. Everyone came around me and treated me as family. Being around like-minded Christians like this has helped me build my relationship with Christ. I love this ministry because of the heart behind it and the vision ahead of it!!

~Lulu A.

It's the best and most welcoming ministry to mingle with., especially when you need a new family. This community of believers seeks to reach out to any individual that needs the truth of the Gospel to intercede in their lives. They will love you because of a greater love they know and experience. It is a true love that you can have, as well. We welcome any young adult and we would love to show you about it. About Him:-)