Q) Where and when do you meet?

A) Due to COVID19, we are meeting every other week @ Lone Oak Barn. On the off weeks, we have Men's and Women's Bible studies, activities and service projects.

Q) Are you in competition with the local church?

A) NO! Absolutely NOT!

Most churches do not have a Young Adult Ministry. Therefore, we find many young adults who do not know how to get plugged in. Our goal is to create a Young Adult Community that allows you to stay involved with your local church, but also get to meet Christians throughout the city.

Even if your church does have a young adult ministry, we encourage you to go to both as your schedule allows.

Q) Who attends The Branch?

A) HS Grads through 30 yrs old in every stage of life. We have Single, Married, Engaged, Divorced, College, Career, Single Parents, Saved, Confused, Searching, etc. All are welcome.

Q) Do you partner with churches?

A) YES! We want to partner with as many churches as possible.

While it is vital that you find a church home that matches your beliefs and worship style... in the end, all Christians are part of one big body of Christ. We want to work with churches to help serve the needs of the Young Adult Community. Check out our Church Champion page for more info.

Q) Do you have childcare?

A) Sorry. At this time we do not offer childcare. Please arrange for alternate childcare solutions and come join us to get refreshed.

Q) Is it hard to get plugged in?

A) NO!!! This group is very welcoming and you can engage at many different levels. If you are willing to put in the effort to meet people, then the group will pour back into you. So many people have told us that we are the most welcoming, hospitable and loving group they've ever visited! (Come let us show you!)

Q) What if I'm struggling with sin in my life and not "the perfect Christian"?

A) Welcome to the club! No one is perfect and Romans says that we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God. That means you'll fit right in. We won't judge you or condemn you. However, if you ask us for guidance or advice, we will gladly (and lovingly) tell you what Scripture says about whatever issue you may be dealing with. We won't hide from the Truth, but we also believe Him when He says that if we CONFESS our sins... He will FORGIVE us and CLEANSE us.

Q) What if I'm not a Christian?

A) Come anyway! We will never pressure you to become a Christian, but we hope that our demonstration of Christ's love creates an environment where you want to ask questions.

Q) What if I want to get baptized?

A) If you are part of a local church, we want to bring a 30-50 person "cheering section" to your church and share in that special moment. If you are not part of a church, we are happy to help refer you to our many church partners. Our founder is happy to perform the baptism if appropriate. However, when possible, we want to partner with the local church and be there to celebrate.